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As per the human psychology and human behavior, humans like to be stable in every aspect of their lives; whether it is work, place of residence or in general, life for that matter. However, when a person has the Sakata Yoga in his or her horoscope; that person will never stabilize. The Sakata Yoga is formed, when the Jupiter and the moon are in 6 th , 8 th and 12 th positions from each other as far as the horoscope is concerned.

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For example, if Jupiter is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Cancer, then this yoga will be formed. In Sakata Yoga what matters and the key is the House positions and not the Sign. Sakata Yoga is not one of the most auspicious yoga formations. On the other hand, it is also important to understand that the Sakata yoga, which is related to the positioning of the planets, does not affect the basic characteristics or basic personality of the person.

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For a person who has Sakata Yoga in their horoscope experience rise and fall simultaneously in their life. Such people also tend to see success late in their lives and during a fixed point in their lives; they tend to lose everything that they have achieved so far. Also, these are the people who get distracted very easily and they continuously need to push themselves forward in life and clutch their goals. This Yoga can be found in the horoscope of Bala Saheb Thackarey, almost all Indians were aware about the struggles he did in life.

When the Moon and the Jupiter are in the Kendra, they form the Gajkesari Yoga; on those lines, the result that this yoga delivers in life is the opposite of Gajkesari Yoga.

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Hence the person who has this yoga in their horoscope tends to be tired and highly stressed and will always find himself or herself in some or the other trouble of some sort. In such cases, most of the stress is unnecessary. Jothishi , Raja Yogas. The presence of Raja Yoga in the horoscope can provide the person…. Vipareeta Raja Yoga is one of the most perplexing raja yogas of Vedic Astrology. As the name suggests Vipareeta means contrary to or the opposite.

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Different Raja yogas take place as a…. C Raja Yogas are auspicious for obtaining success in all spheres of life, financial prosperity and general fame. Indra Yoga is not rare but an auspicious yoga in a horoscope which provides numerous benefits to an individual. It is formed when the lord….

Vedic Astrology Research Portal: Shakat Yoga in Vedic Astrology By Sourabh Soni

Vosi Yoga is a type of Solar yoga or Sun yoga. It is created when a planet excluding Rahu, Ketu or Moon represents the 12th….


It provides the fortune of a person…. Make sure to check ahead prior to a visit. Sakata means wheel and the native will have vicissitudes or cyclical upheavals like the wheel! This is a positive yoga as it cancels Sakata Yoga.

Sakata Yoga In Astrology -

The native is longlived and prosperous and handsome. Nisva Yoga - This is caused when the 2nd lord is in the 12th. This is a negative Yoga. Lakshmi yoga - This is caused when the Ascendant lord is strong and the Lord of Fortune is angular and powerful Moola kendra thirkoneshu bhagyake paramochake Lagnadhipo baladye cha Lakshmee yoga udeerithah Duryoga - This results when the 10th lord is in the 12th.

Sakata yoga astrology

The native becomes unlucky as afar as profession is concerned. Anabha Yoga is caused by planets in the 12th from the Moon. The Anapha Yoga caused by Mars is excellent- the native becomes aggressive, with business talent, with beautiful body and highly skilled. There is another Prosperity Yoga called Vasumath Yoga. Vasu in Sanskrit means prosperity. Swachcheshu Shodasa Nripa Kathithaika Lagne! Or when two of them are exalted and Ascendant lord is angular and powerful Dwiakasirtheshu thadai prathame vilagne Swakshetrage shashini shodasa bhoomipasyu Prosperity Yoga or Lakshmi Yoga Lakshmi Yoga results when If the 9th lord is powerfully posited, either in exaltation or own house and is angular or trinal If the Ascendant lord is powerful Moola kendra thrikoneshu bhagyake paramochhake Laganadhipo baladyecha Lakshmee yoga udeerithah Results of Lakshmi Yoga - one has appreciable affluence and is always above want.

Respectable, learned,noble, wealthy, will be handsome in appearance and will possess all the comforts of life. Vairinchi means Saraswathi and this is a yoga for learning.