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The Second House: Income, Money, And Self-Worth
  1. This Houses In Astrology Chart Will Help You Understand What They Mean IRL
  2. First House: The House Of Self
  3. Why Read Your Horoscope When You Can Read Your Whole Birth Chart? - Man Repeller
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A good astrologer or birth chart calculator is a must if you wish to create and interpret an accurate astrology birth chart. Your astrology birth chart comprises three basic components that share information about you and your life.

This Houses In Astrology Chart Will Help You Understand What They Mean IRL

You might have heard of your Sun sign. But, do you know you hold three signs? Astrologers use Primal triad to determine the personality, traits, first impression, feelings, habits and outward appearance of the native. Here is a glimpse of the elements of the Primal Triad and their significance. Sun Sign: Your sun sign is the zodiac sign where the Sun was present at the time of your birth.

It signifies your personality and shares the traits you own. With an easy guide to astrology signs , you may explore your qualities and improve your personality. Moon Sign: Your Moon sign is the sign where the Moon is placed at the time of your birth. It reveals your inner personality and tells about your inner feelings, mindset, and perspective for the people around you. Ascendant Sign: Ascendant sign or Rising sign is the sign placed in the first house of your astrology chart.

Duplicated Signs

It is the sign that rises on the easternmost horizon at your birth time. Astrologers examine your Ascendant sign to reveal your outer expression, reactions on the situation and perception of people about you. Read on to know more about the planets, their positions in the birth chart and how planets influence your life. According to Astrology, planets have deep influence over the lives of people.

Each planet rules over a certain aspect and shares particular energy with you. Here is the list of planets and the area they influence:. The Sun- self-expression 2. The Moon- emotions and inner conscious 3. Mercury- thoughts, communication, and journey 4. Venus- beauty, money and earthly desires 5.

Mars- drives, career ambitions, and passion 6. Jupiter- generosity, intellect, and wisdom 7. Your birth data is saved and available each time you go to the Astrodienst site from your home computer. Cafe Astrology is a great site filled with engaging and provocative interpretations. Once you've put in your data, you'll have access to the chart and the interpretations that to go with it. But the first thing you'll see is a table chart with your birth planets and their signs, offering a fast way to size up all the information rather than digging up the information on the wheel.

First House: The House Of Self

Like the other sites listed here, Astrolabe doesn't make you jump through hoops to get your birth chart. You can even save the chart to your computer's hard drive. Your lands and estate. The IC is linked to the Fourth House. Each captain chooses its players. Sun drafts Jupiter , then Saturn. Moon chooses Venus , then Mars. And Mercury? He gets to referee.

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Then, each place became associated with all the stuff that allowed the planets to express themselves in the mundane, 3D world. House of the Moon is the Third House. It contains everything familiar to you.

HOUSES 7-12 in Astrology Explained (Birthchart) - 2019

Brothers and sisters of course, but also the people you see around the neighborhood, or the coworkers you see every day. The Moon was also associated with writing, and bringing the messages of the other planets down to earth, so the Third House contained those things too. Opposite the Moon is the Sun, of course. And so, no surprise that the Ninth House is the House of the Sun. And so prophesies, dreams, and mysteries found their place in the 9th house.

So did all ways to explore the mysteries, philosophy, religion and the like. In other words, anything that can get you outside of your comfort zone so you can grow. Of course, the House of Venus contains all the yummy things she loves. It holds all acts of pleasure. Romance and sex absolutely. Plus vacations, playtime, and anything else fun.

The House of Jupiter contains all things which uplift and support us. Which, in a perfect world, are your friends. In medieval times this would be your guild.

Why Read Your Horoscope When You Can Read Your Whole Birth Chart? - Man Repeller

Now we think in terms of trade associations, support groups, even spiritual communities. Charites and philanthropy too. In astrology, this is the Eleventh House. The House of Mars is known as the Sixth House.

Free Natal Chart Report Whole Signs Houses

It also a house of all your duties and obligations, that presumably require effort to fulfill. Also the house of illness or health, since maintaining your own body is a kind of obligation, so that it can serve you in return. Basically all this alludes to the notion that Mars is at his best when he has a job to do, something constructive he can use his energy for. Saturn sets limits and boundaries, all those things which set apart us apart. The hospitals, jails and monasteries.