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Usage of Sbc for transit prediction. Sarvatobhadra - Basics Sbc uses a zodiac of 28 Nakshatras. This is a significant difference to other Nakshatra based chakras. Most of these classical chakras depend on a zodiac of 27 Nakshatras, so they are trigonal because the number 27 has only the divisors 3 and 9. The Nakshatras belong to upper and lower row, resp. The counting is clockwise. Aswini is the 6th Nakshatra in the upper row. The other Nakshatras including Abhijit follow in regular manner.

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The Corners There are 4 corners in Sbc. They have special significance. It is written that the Nakshatra Padas in neighborhood to the corners are critical points and must be regarded in a special manner. The following table gives the zodiacal positions of the corners and their corresponding neighbourhood Padas. There are two main opinions about the usage of Abhijit. First opinion tries to eliminate this star. People of this group do not place any planet into this Nakshatra. Second opinion places several degrees of Uttarashadha and Sravana into Abhijit.

So the last quarter of Uttarashadha and the first 15th part of Sravana are regarded as belonging to Abhijit. These squares are also assigned to the 7 weekdays. The weekdays correspond to the native's birthday. The sign of Lagna is another point of importance, e.

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The letters correspond to the name of the native or the subject of the query. The picture below shows the complete Sbc. Sarvatobhadra - Vedhas Vedhas establish relationships between Nakshatras resp. Vedhas can be compared with aspects. There are different types of aspects in classical Vedic Astrology: aspects between Rasis like Graha and Rasi Drishti and aspects between points of the zodiac like Sputa Drishti. Vedhas of Nakshatras Each Nakshatra has three Vedhas.

Forward: this Vedha appears if we travers Sbc in diagonal manner until we reach the next Nakshatra at the border of the chakra. Forward motion means that we have to go in positive i. Opposite: this is the Nakshatra we reach if we traverse the chakra horizontally for Nakshatras on the left and right or vertically for Nakshatras on the top and bottom. Backward: like forward Vedha, but in negative i. Forward direction means movement in the sense of a planet in direct motion.

Backward direction is the movement of a retrograde planet, the opposite corresponds to a stationary planet. The argument of Vedhas can also be applied to individual points of the zodiac. Each individual point of the zodiac has three Vedas. The vedha point is reached if we make a proportional consideration rule of three regarding the length of a planet. The second degree of Aswini has its opposite point in the second degree of Purvaphalguni counted from the end : 24 Leo.

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Regions of the zodiac can be calulated in a simplar manner, i. The debilation point of the Sun Libra has opposite Vedha with Aquarius. The moolatrikona of the Sun Leo has opposite Vedha with - Aries. The exaltation point of Jupiter 3 Cancer has opposite Vedha with 0 Sagittarius. The debilation point of Jupiter 3 Capricorn has opposite Vedha with 30 Taurus, etc. Learn more about Scribd Membership Bestsellers.

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    Incroyable non? But this can be way TOO cuckoo to analyse!!!!!!!!!! Sauf que mon signe est super boring. Ben non.

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    Mais quelle question Garance… je suis scorpion! LOL Et ce pour ca que j aime autant te lire :. They are my favorite people in the world!

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    Both signs are grounded and have to have the power. I guess we like to take charge! Merci pour ce dessin Garance! My birthday is May 20th and since I was born at pm, I am truly on the cusp of Gemini. I read both horoscopes and decide which one i prefer!

    All those prettyish magazine horoscope illustrations you were mentioning! They ALL make the Taurus a cow-girl. A horned cow-girl. Ok, now you HAVE to watch this!! Literally every one of my friends has been captured almost to a tee!! Please watch her and report back. It completely cracked me up! See if you think that she captures you!

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    My man is Scorpio too! I think Virgos have this gift as well! And boy do they have sex appeal! I am a total astrology believer…not a day-to-day horoscope reader, but I do believe that you can judge people by what sign they are. That means it must be true…. Je suis poisson ascendant poisson.