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However a view of totality from the continent is rare, with totality occurring over the Australian continent only five times during the 20th century AD, although it is predicted to occur more frequently, eleven times, during the 21st century AD. Table of previous and next eclipses visible from all states and the Northern Territory; dates sourced from Time and Date AS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Geometry of a total solar eclipse not to scale.

29th Jan - Feb 4th weekly psychic astrology rare blue moon eclipse

Solar System portal Australia portal. Time and Date AS. Retrieved 8 August Solar eclipses.

21st June – 29th July 12222: Eclipse Season

Eclipse chasing Solar viewer Planetary transit Solar eclipses in fiction. Categories : Astronomy in Australia Australia-related lists Solar eclipses by country. Namespaces Article Talk.

What change are you finally ready for? Try to slow your brain down just a little this week. Sometimes you hear a humming noise in your dreams, and sometimes you hear sounds recognizable as words, and sometimes you hear a full-throated roar, the faraway ocean singing to you.


Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

This week, messages will arrive from unexpected places, and you should listen, if you can. You can seek a life with different rules, so listen to the dreams that will help you find it. People will expect you, sometimes, to overcome all the pain in the world with nothing more than your energy, or your hope, or a practice of gratitude. You can spread your quiet goodness in the world, and you can ask for help in return.


If the earth is still below you and the sky is still above, how will you keep filling your heart? But this week, try not to take on more grief than already belongs to you.

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  5. The world shapes your dreams and it shapes your desires, and how could it not? There are still so many different ways of growing.

    Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

    Some of your actions are born from a joy, or a wisdom, or a bright blazing conviction in your soul. Some of your actions are born from your need for survival, and this is okay, too. This is a week for knowing the difference. Which houses can you still refuse to enter?

    What This Lunar Eclipse Looked Like

    Which stories, even now, can you still refuse to believe? You, more than anyone, know how to focus your energies.

    Sarah Varcas

    You know how to shine a beam of attention so bright and direct it could burn a hole through the wall. But still, sometimes the world can pull you away from your real purpose.

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